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While it does not remove many of the things you are learning to deal with, it is a great gift.Before you entertain dating, I do have some suggestions for you.Dear Jim: I AM A RECENT WIDOW AND WANT TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC DATING ADVICE FOR ME?I am pleased at the “peace” you have regarding your husband and his presence with our Lord.

Next time youre about to hit the big dating sites for widows and widowers.Having said this, I would follow up by adding that I have not found this process to be complete and a person ready to date before 1 year and most likely 2 years for most.Don’t focus on what you do not have May I suggest that you not focus on what you do not have, but rather on what you have and what you can become – one choice at a time.Allow me to share them as points below for your consideration.First get through the grieving process You will likely be surprised that there is a process you must go through as you sort out things and come to a “balanced” point in all areas of your life.

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an engineer) working overseas a widower with a child (or just widowed) they claim to live near you, in your.